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Porto Koufo - Toroni - Kalamitsi - Tristinika

Tristinika is a sandy beach which reminds how the other currently exploited beaches once were. To get to the beach turn left on the main road to the dirt-road. An organized camping is located on the southern edge of the beach in a beautiful setting with grass, willows and poplars.

After the beach of Tristinika you will discover the most pristine beaches of Chalkidiki, with few visitors and great natural beauty.

The indications we have from findings for the emergence of life date from the 14th century. Tradition says that a crossing river provided sufficient quantities of water to give power to a laboratory processing wool garments.

Tristinika is a diminutive and means small well. By other locals a battle took place and the raiders outnumbered the villagers (3 to 1) and so as to win everyone had to kill at least three ("Τρεις και Νίκα" meaning "three and win").